Powder Dogs Race Team

The 2023 CMSC Women Winners
2023 CMSC Women Winners

(two on far right)
Amanda and Kelly

The 2022 Nastar Awards
2022 Nastar Telluride

Laurie, Kelly, John

The 2021 Nastar Champion is a Powder Dog
2021 Nastar Champion

Dave Clark

The John Wright Annual Thigh Burner Race
2021 John Wright Annual Thigh Burner Race

Mike Nelson, 2nd Place

The girls medal in 2019
The Girls Medal in 2019

Amanda, Kelly,

Wilmot race team 2017
Powder Dogs Team 2017

Brandon, Joe, Kelly, Dave, Paul,

Powder Dogs love snow and fun!

Powder Dogs members ---
Powder Dogs race on 1-8-17 at Wilmot.
Jan 8 2017 Wilmot Race

Lori, Amanda, Kelly, Dave, Rick

Men medal at Wilmot.
Paul & Brandon
Powder Dogs Team.
Dave, Rick, Amanda, Brandon, Kelly, Joe, Lori,
LaCross Wis CMSC race 2015.
LaCross 2015 Team

Dave, Kelly, Lori, Joey

Joey racing at Steamboat 2012.
LaCross 2015 Team

Joey racing at Steamboat 2012

2018-2019 season recap

CMSC 2018-2019 Club Results

2017-2018 season recap

CMSC 2017-2018 Results

2016-2017 season recap

It was an all new racing season with Vail taking over Wilmot and starting its own racing circuit. But what a great racing season for the Powder Dogs! With only 10 racers competing, the Powder Dogs took 2nd place overall in the club standings!

Kelly and Brandon were the Powder Dogs women's and men's ski racer of the year for 2017. Kelly won every event and had the most points in the women division.Congrats to Kelly and Brandon for a jobs well done.

2016-2017 season club standings

Team Results for 2017: 2nd place- Powder Dogs with 6423 points Women skier of the year award 2017 Women skier of the year award 2017

2015-2016 Season recap

Overall, we had eleven Powder Dogs participating in one or more CMSC races this season. Collectively over the 14 GS and Slalom races this season, those eleven racers won a total of 53 event medals – 19 Gold, 15 Silver, and 19 Bronze. Combining all of those team points, the Powder Dogs team placed 4th this year, within all of the CMSC clubs participating. That’s two slots higher than the 6th place finish we had in each of the past two years, and three higher than the 7th place finishes the Powder Dogs produced in the preceding 3 seasons.

Here’s a recap of the individuals and the results they produced this year, including total medals, and their respective overall placement in their respective Race Classes

CMSC Ski Racing Team results for 2015-2016 season.

The Powder Dogs have a strong and diverse team of racers, and excellent momentum.

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