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The prestigious Top Dog award Is given to the member or members that participates the most in the club for a season.
Points are awarded for each activity, trip, function, meeting they attend and for each chair position they volunteer for.

Winners of the Powder Dogs Top Dog Award

Top Dog 2022 is Karen U
Karen 2022 Top Dog
Top Dog 2021 is Karen U
Karen 2021 Top Dog
Top Dog 2020 is Jim C
Jim 2020 Top Dog
Laurie P is 2019 Top Dog
Laurie Top Dog 2019
Laura M 2018 Top Dog
2018 Top Dog

V.P. Marty with top dog Laura

Top Dog award goes to the most active members
Dave, Rick, Jim; Top Dogs 2017
Top Dog 2016 Award to Lynn C
Lynn 2016 Top Dog
Top Dog 2016 Award to Lynn C
Lynn 2015 Top Dog
Top Dog 2014 is Jim C
Jim 2014 Top Dog
Jeannie Conway 2013 Top Dog
Jeannie 2013 Top Dog
Jeannnie Conway 2013 Top Dog
Jeannie 2012 Top Dog
Steve Jaenicke 2011 Top Dog
Steve 2011 Top Dog

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