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2017 Marty-Gras
Beerfest recap

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Marty-Gras Beerfest  
Chairperson- Marty Papanek

When- Saturday, May 20th, 2015  4:30 to ???
Where-  4004 N IL Rt. 47, Wood stock IL.

Recap- Vice President Marty Papanek graciously invited the Powder Dogs to his annual Marty-Gras Beerfest for an evening of  socializing and fun. Marty provided the meats and beer. Food was served between 6 and 7:30. Even though the weather was in the 60's, Marty says he had a record turn out. It rained in the morning but stopped well before the beer fest. There was plenty of different beers to taste with plenty of food. Marty even had some live music for everyone to listen. Everyone had a good time.