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Wisconsin Weekend Bike Trip

Chairperson: Hope Grahl
When: Saturday, June 17 - 18th, 2017
Where: Elroy-Sparta bike trail at the Kendall Trailhead
Cost: $25.00 for lodging

MEET AT: Meeting at the Hidden Grill at 213 White Street. the Kendall Trailhead at noon.

THE LODGING: Camping cabin has bedding and towels provided. One big room with three double beds. We are carpooling and will text those going with the details. Don't forget to bring a flashlight for the tunnels on the trail as they are pitch black.

Powder Dog trip to the Wisconsin bike trail. Hope, Lynn and Laura on a bike ride.

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The Powder Dogs have a wide range of members ranging from ages 4 - 80, from singles to families. When you become a Powder Dogs member, you'll make new friends that share your passion for the slopes. We have members that met at a club meeting and have become lifelong friends and family. You'll receive discounts on trips and lift tickets because we get group rates. As a Powder Dogs member, you'll also receive in store discounts on ski and snowboard equipment, clothing and accessories at Alpine Accessories.


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