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Venetian Night 2016 recap

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Venetian Night 2016
Chairperson- Jeannie Conway

WHEN- Saturday, August 13th. 7:30 to 10:30 pm
WHERE- At Jim and Jeannine Conway's house in Algonquin.
COST- Free. Was a bring a dish to pass.

Around 25 Powder Dogs attended this years
Venetian Night. It's all about a group of boaters who decorate their boats in different themes and cruise down the Fox River showing them off. Some are funny, some are entertaining. Either way, they are great to watch as they come down the river. This year the decorated boats started at the south end and came by the Conway's around 8:30 pm. One of our members Dave Clark decorated his kayak and paddled by as we sat along the side of the river cheering them on. Jim and Jeannie are very gracious in offering their home that is on the Fox River so we have front row seat while we have a party.  

Below are decorated boat photos from Venetian Night.