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Sugar River Trail Bike Outing 2016

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Sugar River Trail Bike outing recap
Chairperson- Laura Middaugh

Attending was Laura Middaugh, Rick & Laurie Pasturczak, Mike Nelson, Lynn Creegan, Hope Grahl

Sunday, July 31st.
Where- Sugar River Trail in New Glarus, WI.

We drove up to Monticello, Wisconsin (about a 2 hour drive) and biked on the Sugar River Trail into New Glarus where we toured around the town and ate lunch along the bike path.  After eating lunch in New Glarus we took a trek to the old train tunnel which was about 1/4 mile long and pitch black inside along with being about 20 degrees cooler which felt good on a 85 degree day. Then we biked back to the vehicles. Total trip was around 15 miles.