Powder Dogs 2014
Stand Up Paddleboarding
 and picnic

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2014 Stand Up Paddleboarding and Picnic Recap

WHEN-Saturday, July 19th, from 10 am to 2 pm
Event chair person- Rick Pasturczak
WHERE- 3 Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake
Cost- The stand up paddleboard lesson and 3 hours of paddleboarding is FREE if you are a current paid member! Bring your own lunch and drinks (No alcohol allowed in 3 Oaks) or you can purchase at Culver's located at 3 Oaks.

Paddle boarding was at 3 Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake.

At this event, everyone received a Level 1 Stand Up Paddleboard lesson for FREE, compliment's of Alpine Accessories instructors. Everyone learned how to size and hold your paddle correctly, how to paddle and control your board, how and where to stand on the board and how to get back on if you fall. After lessons, we had some time practicing and participants had fun competing against each other on a buoyed course. Then at 1:00 some members stuck around for a picnic.

Want to try Stand Up Paddleboarding? Visit our sponsors paddleboarding web page.