Powder Dogs
Go Carting 2012

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Go Carting night recap

May 2012
Chair Person- Rick Pasturczak

Indoor go carting is becoming more and more popular every year. Because the track is inside, you can kart all season. These are not ordinary go karts. These carts can exceed 35 mph and require you to brake when going into the turns or you will crash into the wall. A neck brace and helmet is needed due to the braking and bumping that goes on.

The Powder Dogs entered a Grand Prix which consisted of 4 races. The first three were practice and qualifiers. The last was the final heat race. 1st place- Rick Pasturczak, 2nd place- Joey Keen, 3rd place- Mike Nelson. The big surprise was Joey Keen who placed 2nd and never raced before. Guess his speed came from ski racing carried over.